why I fully support tall buildings (for now)

Knowing that there’s a pressing need for housing in Toronto, I am fully supportive of any project that is bringing more housing into production right now.

I do not prioritize theoretical solutions coming our way tomorrow.

I do not care for conspiracy theories about supply being held hostage by X.

I am even willing to let my standards of city building slide a bit in favour of getting housing built.


Because it’s more important for me to make housing insanely available for everyone, rather than keeping the status quo where too many people are desperate for housing.

There’s a reason why shelter is a basic human right.

There’s a reason why shelter is at the BOTTOM of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs i.e. the foundation for everything else on top of it.

Sadly, as a society, we seem to be unable to set aside our differences and make the provision of adequate shelter the priority it needs to be. Instead, we’re quibbling about details that are much higher up in the hierarchy. Details like height, architectural style, type of unit, appropriate character, and so forth. 

I’m sorry but…

We do not get to argue about details unless we meet the basic need of providing shelter first.

For anyone who brings up any argument for less density on a project proposed within the urban built boundary (please no more greenfield sprawl)… you can seriously f**k off. 

*As such: unless another housing generator is magically made available overnight that can immediately replace the output of housing that tall buildings provide, I am in support of tall buildings.


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