I help people with their personal knowledge management systems by providing guidance on creating setups that work with their task✅, their lives💛, and their brain🧠.

Hey! I’m currently offering 20 minute PKM Meet-n-Greet’s that are ✨free✨ (for now)! You get an opportunity to talk about your note-taking system with me; I will share with you some piece of insight, direction or takeaway for free 🎈

Perhaps you’ve heard about Evergreen notes. Or the Zettelkasten Method. Or CODE. Or the Second Brain. Perhaps you took Write of Passage and were told to set up an info capture system. Phrases like PKM (personal knowledge management) and Tools of Thought get casually tossed around and you may even have tried to implement some of these systems yourself.

I, like many, dove straight into trying one system after another. I spent a ton of time researching systems and setting them up, only to then abandon the new setup weeks later because the upkeep was unsustainable for me.

Now I’ve landed on a system that works for me, but it is also unique to me, and it works around my main goals, my strengths and most importantly, my weaknesses.

This is NOT the system I’ll be showing you.

You need a system that works with and for you, and this is where I can help!

For people who’d like to work with me further, I plan to open up coaching slots for individuals who are serious about improving their PKM / note-taking systems. They will be 1-on-1, and highly tailored to you and your needs.

If you’d like to be put on the waitlist, sign up here: