Realizing that we’re all different, and that this fact, in and of itself, is enough for each one of us to express in unique ways. Even when each of us try to say the same thing, we cannot help but add ourselves into it. This alone should be enough to convince every creator that they have something valuable to share with the world!

The key is to lean into that which connects you with your humanity, which is not easy but oh so important, for this vulnerable connection is the key differentiating factor between creators.

Tired: expensive single-purpose highway infrastructure that subsidizes suburban living off the backs of hardworking dense community and needs expensive renos every decade

Wired: worthwhile high quality pedestrian multi-purpose infrastructure that lasts for centuries before needing replacement

Many people use the word “grow” in a nurturing way. But growing is actually quite one dimensional. It only goes in one direction. And anything that theoretically can go on forever is neither realistic nor healthy for humans. Humans are not lines. They are circles. Or rather, they go in circles and every time they notice they’re running another lap around the circle, it’s them arriving at a deeper realizations of self. They are on a journey of “becoming oneself more”.

We ask: how to know and find myself? We go through great lengths to discover ourselves. Yet, the ultimate result is if we end up right back where we started: more ourselves than ever.

Western thinking loves creating more gizmos and conveniences that have many side effects. These side effects are nuisances, and so the approach to solving them is always half-hearted. The hope is to create one-off solutions that never need to be maintained, but they often end up looking and being neglected because they never work as forever solutions. We’re looking in the wrong place for forever solutions.